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2018 Kenworth 610

860 Aerosleeper, 6x4 Tractor Unit, Cummins X15 550, Ultrashift 20918A, Dana 46-170, x Locks, Airglide 460, Durabrite, Disc Brakes, DG Spec, Hydraulics, 42 litre Fridge & every extra possible, Cummins Engine Warranty 4 years, 207,000kms, well below new price...


2017 Kenworth T610

Cummins Euro 5, X15, 550hp, Eaton FO-20E318B MXP, Ultrashift plus, Meritor 46-160, Diff Lock on both axles, Airglide 460, Alcoa 9.00x22.5 285, Durabrite, 860 Intergrated Sleeper, EBSS & Traction Control, Complete Hurcules 4.700m Alloy Bin, 525,000kms, Cummins 5 year Engine Warranty..


2017 Kenworth T610 Day Cab

Cummins Eaton FO-20E318B MXP, Ultrashift Plus, Meritor 46-160, Diff Locks on both axles, Airglide 460, Complete with 4700/1830 Alloy Bin, s year Cummins Engine Warranty..


2017 Kenworth T610 Day Cab

6x4 Tractor Unit, Cummins E5, Ultrashift Plus, Meritor 46-160, Durabrite, EBSS Traction Control, 490,000kms..


2017 Kenworth T610 Day Cab

Cummins E5 600 hp, Ultrashift, 46-160, X Locks, Airglide 460, Durabrite, Auto Greaser, Disk Brakes, Safety Package, Mint Truck...


2018 Kenworth K200 2.3 Aerodyne

6x4 Tractor Unit, Cummins X15 Euro 5, 550hp, Ultrashift Plus, Meritor 46-160, Airglide 460, Durabrite, Available January 2021..


2013 Western Star FX4864 Stratosphere Sleeper

Detroit DD15, Eaton 20918B. Meritor 46-160, Airliner, Durabrite, very tidy truck..


2016 DAF XF105 SPACE CAB 510

Auto, Meritor, double bunk Sleeper, 283,000 kms, cheap truck..


2018 Volvo FH13 540 Globetrotter

i-Shift, Air Suspension, Fridge, Icepack Sleeper Cooler, EBSS Hill Start, Disc Brakes, 422,000kms, Mint Truck..


2014 CAT

C15 550, Eaton 20918B, Meritor 46-160, Air Suspension, Hydraulics, Cheap Truck..


2016 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter

700 hp, i-Shift, Koolkat Sleeper Cooler, 445,000kms, like new...


2014 Kenworth K200 2.8 Aerodyne

6x4, (New Cummins Engine 2019) 550, Eaton 22918B, Airglide 460, Meritor 46-160, every extra..


2013 Western Star FX 4864

40 inch Sleeper Detroit DD15 , Eaton 20918B, Mertior 46/160 X locks, every extra. Good buying...


2015 DAF XF105 510 sleeper

Auto transmission, mertior,Airglide suspension , low kms good buying..



510HP, Astronic 16, Mertior diff, Disc brakes on the front, Airglide 400, Alloys, 155,000 kms, would suit new truck buyer...


2014 Scania R620 Sleeper

6x4 Tractor Unit, Auto 2 pedal, Disc brakes, EBSS Traction Control Hill Start, Retarder, Double Bunk Sleeper Cooler, Full service records available, 866,000kms..


2017 DAF CF85

460hp, Auto, 4x2, Air Suspension, 540,000 kms (NEWSTOCK)..


2012 Kenworth T403

6x4 Cummins ISX EGR 450 , Eaton 20918 B, Mertior 46/160 x locks air glide 460 complete with 4.7 metre alloy tipping bin Very tidy truck..

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