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Banner images/slides are populated via: Admin > WebApps > Homepage Slider.
Ideal image size is 1920px x 600px.
Images size can be larger or smaller as the images are scaled by the site to fit the container parameters. Using images below 1280px wide is not recommended.
Images optimisation is crucial when using images of this scale.  Ideally do not exceed 500kb for any one image. For the best result scale and crop your image in Photoshop to 1920px x 600px.  If the image you are working with is 300dpi (or any other resolution higher than 72dpi) then do not change the pixel resolution when editing as you will degrade the quality of the final output.  Instead, when the Photoshop image is ready to publish go to the "File" menu and select "Save for Web & Devices" and apply the following settings.


Recommended image file formats:

Homepage slides = JPG
Listing Images = JPG
Parts & Services Logos = Transparent PNG 24

Avoid using PNG for large images such as homepage banners as PNG uses lossless compression so is a much larger file size.  If need arises for really large transparent images use GIF format.  

(Never use BMP (bitmap), RAW or TIFF format unless you're planning to go on holiday to allow time for the page to load.)


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