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2001 Freightliner Argosy Curtainsider

Cummins ISX 475HP, 18 Speed Road Ranger, 1.5mil kms, 14 Plt body, Tail lift, 50mm Trailer gear


2001 TES Alloy Trailer

7.3 Meters long, grain door, Roll over tarp, Drawbar exp 2031


2002 Nissan Diesel Steel bin Tipper

330HP, 15 Speed Road Ranger, 440,000kms, Very tidy rig


2003 Isuzu CXZ 400 Dropside Tipper

18 Speed Road Ranger, 6.4m deck, 285,000kmskms


2004 Volvo FH460 Curtainsider

460HP, Manual, 1.2mil Kms, 12 Plt body, Tail lift


2005 Western Star Bulk unit

Alloy bin, matching T&G Trailer,CAT C15, 860,000KMS, 18 Speed Road Ranger very tidy.


2008 Nissan Diesel 4x2 Curtainsider

240HP, 6 Speed Manual, 6.5 Meter body, Tail lift


2009 Freightliner Agrosy Stock Unit

9 Axle unit, 1.13M KMS. Detriot series 60 NON EGR, 18 Speed Road Ranger.


2012 Scania R560

Very tidy, R560, 12 Speed Scania Manual, Delta crate, ready for work, 4 axle trailer available


2014 Kenworth K200 Curtainside Unit

Full MEZZ unit, 1.5M KMS Extensive R&M Spend, Cummins E5 615HP, 18 Speed Road Ranger.


2014 MAN

460HP, MAN AMT Gear box, Well maintained, Tail lift, New Curtains, 7.4 meter internal body


2016 DAF CF85

510HP, 18 Speed Road ranger, 7.3 meter Jacksons deck, Rope rail 2.5 Tonne rated at the droppers, approx 550,000kms, flatdeck trailer available to match


2017 DAF CF85 Livestock Unit

510HP, 18 speed Road Ranger, 2/4 Deck unit Nation wide crates, 18 speed Road Ranger, Approx. 500,000kms, complete with Jackson 4 axle trailer, (Two units available)


2017 DAF CF85 Log unit

510HP, 18 Speed Road ranger, CTI, Scales, Patchall Gear, 3 axle trailer, Fresh bolster certs and COFs


2017 DAF XF

High Spec, 510HP, 18 Speed RR, KMS 940,000, Engine rebuild 700,000kms, 24ft Jacksons deck, Delta 2/4 deck Crate, 4 Axle Trailer available


2017 Freightliner Argosy 8x4 Tractor unit

560HP DD15, Eaton Smart shift AMT, Approx 800,000kms


2017 Scania R620 Livestock Unit

620HP, Manual trans, Delta crate, 1.1m Kms, engine work done


2018 Kenworth K200 Curtainside Unit

Matching curtian unit, Part MEZZ on trailer, Cummins X15, 980,000kms Full engine job at 780,000, 18 Speed Eaton AMT.


2022 Isuzu 4x2 Flatdeck

Drainage/Contractor set up, AMT Gearbox, as new condition. 30,000kms.


DAF CF85 Flatdeck Unit 

18 Speed Road Ranger, Well maintained, 7.5 meter truck deck, 8.8 meter trailer


Freightliner Century and TES Trailer

2012 Matching unit, 17,000 tonne tare, Detroit Series 60 745,000kms, Tidy unit


International 7600

8X4 Low height tractor unit, Eaton 18 Speed AMT, Cat C12 (Rebuilt in last 200,000kms, 8,400 Tare


Maxicube Freighter Quad Skelly

Heavy 40ft, Heavy 20ft, 2x Empty 20ft positions, Tidy condition, two available


Scania 4x4 Ground Spreader

Two available both well looked after with plenty of life left

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