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2003 Mack Quantum Dropside Tipper

18 speed Roadranger, Air susp, Sleeper cab, 2005 Total Transport Trailer, Air susp, Disc brakes, 29ft split tipper.


2005 Mack CH688 Fleetliner Tipper Unit

470hp, Approx, 570,000 km’s, Roadranger, Alloy bin 4.7m with 1200mm high sides, 2003 Transport Trailers 4 axle alloy trailer, 6.7m long with 1450mm high sides, ROR axles, Disc brakes, Spring...


2005 Roadmaster 5 Axle Curtainsider

Stretched in 2016, 12.1m internal, SAF 19.5 axles, Air suspension, Disc brakes


2005 Transfleet 4 Axle Alloy Bathtub

6.5m long with 1500mm sides, ROR axles, Drum brakes, Spring suspension, 5330kg tare


2005 Volvo FH16 Stock Truck

550hp, manual, Jackson 24ft deck with Total crate, 4 decks, Rope rail, Engine and gearbox history, approx.. 1.4m km’s, Air susp


2006 Scania P310 with Taillift

Curtainsider with tail lift, Opticruise transmission, Good mechanical history, approx.. 1.3m km’s, From a top fleet


2007 DAF CF85 Alloy Tipper

460hp, Auto, Lusk Alloy Body, 6.4m with 1600mm high sides, Engine and Gearbox history, Graindoor and locks, Roll over cover


2008 DAF CF85 Stock / Flat Deck

510hp, Roadranger, approx. 1.5m km’s, Twistlock stock deck and crate, 7.2m or available as cab chassis.


2008 Kenworth T404S Alloy Tipper

Cummins, Roadranger, Approx. 1.28m km’s, 4.8m Transfleet alloy bin, Engine & gearbox history


2008 Total Transport Quad Flat Deck

14.2m, Type 2, Gigant axles, Air suspension, Disc brakes, 7560kg tare


2009 Scania R580 Curtainsider

Manual trans, Full leather interior, 12 pallet body, Container doors, Very tidy unit.


2010 Roadmaster 4 Axle Skelle

2x 20’s or 1x 40 FT, ROR axles, Disc brakes, Air suspension, 6120kg tare


2011 Kenworth K108 9 Axle Unit

Cummins, Approx. 862,000 km’s, 4 deck 24 foot, 2013 CWH 5 axle trailer, Delta 32 ft 4 deck crate, SAF axles, Air susp, Disc brakes


2011 Mack Trident Truck & Trailer

500hp, Roadranger, approx.. 965,000 km’s, Adams and Currie alloy bin, 5.2m with 1600mm sides, 2011 Adams & Currie trailer, 7.2m with 1600mm sides, Tarps and grain doors


2012 DAF CF85 Stock Truck

510hp, Roadranger, 1.02m km’s, 24ft Delta crate, Set up on twistlocks, 5700mm wheelbase


2012 Isuzu F Series FTS800 Spreader

Manual, Approx. 280,000kms, Spring, Drum, Bin camera, Overhead chain, Whitehead V3.


2012 Mack Granite Logging Unit

Mack MP8, 500hp, Roadranger, Approx. 748,000 km’s, Evans log gear, Scales and CTI, Complete with 2008 Kraft 4 axle trailer, Hendrickson axles, Air suspension and Drum brakes


2013 DAF CF85 Logging Unit

510hp, Roadranger, Approx. 735,000 km’s, Patchell log gear, CTI & Scales, Complete with 2011 TMC 5 Axle, ROR axles, Disc brakes and Air suspension


2013 Freightliner Argosy Logging Unit

DD15, Roadranger, Approx. 699,000 km’s, Patchell gear, 2017 Evans 5 axle, KH Axles, Drum brakes, Air suspension


2013 Mercedes Actros 3248 Tractor

8x4, 480hp, Approx. 962,000 km’s, In frame motor rebuild last year, done approx. 40,000 km's, Sliding turntable


2013 Scania R560 Stock Unit

Auto trans, Approx. 941,000 km’s, 24 foot Delta mono crate, 4 deck, 1995 Roadmaster 4 axle, 8.8m, ROR, Air susp, Drum brakes, Rope rails


2014 DAF CF85 Alloy Tipper Unit

510hp, Manual, Approx. 725,000km’s, T&G 4.8m Alloy bin with 1600mm sides, 2003 T & G 4 axle trailer, ROR axles, Disc brakes, Spring suspension, 6.8m with 1600mm sides, Slippery liner,...


2014 Freightliner Argosy Truck & Trailer Unit

DD15, new engine just fitted, Roadranger, 7.3m Roadmaster body, Complete with 2009 Domett 5 axle, SAF, Air and Disc, 11.4m, 36 pallet unit.


2014 Kenworth K200 Logging Unit

Evans Log gear, Engine gearbox and diff history, Auto, Approx. 1.1m km’s, 2014 Evans 4 axle, ROR susp, Air and Disc


2014 Merc Axor Spreader

Manual trans, Spring susp, Approx. 185,000 km’s, Beck spreader bin, Twin spinner, Top return chain, Novax computer, Tracmap


2014 Scania P360 4x4 Cab Chassis

Approx. 260,000 km’s, Manual trans, 3690mm wheelbase, Std rims and tyres fitted, Roll bar still fitted


2014 Volvo FH540 Stock Deck

7.3m Jackson Deck, Auto, Approx. 1.06m km’s, Rope rail, Air op eff tank


2015 Freightliner Argosy Dropside Tipper

615hp Cummins, Roadranger, Approx. 915,000 km’s, 7030mm long steel deck with 1200mm high sides, FOB hoist, Pin & saddle demountable setup


2015 Isuzu FSR700 Flea Truck

240hp, 6 speed manual, approx.. 577,000 km’s, 5100mm wheelbase.


2015 Scania R620 Cab & Chassis

V8, Auto, 5800mm wheelbase, 60,000kg GCM, Set up for swap body with pin/saddle and twist lock set up


2015 Scania R620 Stock Truck

Auto, Approx. 892,000 km’s, 25ft Domett deck, Total crate, 4 deck, In good order


2015 Scania R730 9 Axle Stock Unit

Auto, approx.. 1.1m km’s, Excellent history, Scanplan, 3d Nationwide crate, 24ft Jackson deck, 2021 TES 5 axle trailer, 36 Ft, SAF axles, Air and disc, 4d Delta crate


2015 Western Star Logger Unit

DD15, Roadranger, Approx. 650,000 km’s, CTI & scales, Kraft 5 axle trailer, Air sup., Drum brakes.


2016 International 9800 Stock unit

Cummins, Auto, 615hp, Approx. 801,000 km’s, 25 Foot Jackson deck with 2019 Nationwide cattle box crate, 2006 Jackson trailer with 2016 29 foot cattle box, As new deck, SAF Axles,...


2016 Iveco Stralis Curtainsider Unit

500hp, Auto, 7.4m Curtainsider body, Engine rebuilt, 2016 Local built 5 axle curtainsider, SAF axles, Air and disc


2016 Kenworth K200 Curtainsider Unit

E5 Cummins, Roadranger, Aprox. 950,000 km’s, Fruehauf body 7m, 2016 Fruehauf 5 axle trailer, 12.1m, Hendrickson, Air and Disc, 38 pallet unit, Very tidy unit from a top fleet


2016 Scania R620 Livestock unit

Auto, Approx. 809,000 km’s, 24 foot 2 deck cattle box, Mono, Air susp, 2008 Jackson 4 axle trailer, 2 deck cattle, 30 foot, SAF axles, Air susp


2017 DAF CF85 Alloy Tipper Unit

510hp, Auto, 5m alloy body with 1250mm high sides, New motor done 42,000 km's, Deck liner, 2015 Jackson 5 axle trailer, 8.2m with 1350mm high sides, SAF axles, Air suspension...


2017 DAF CF85 Stock Unit

510hp, Roadranger, 25ft Roadmaster deck with Total stock crate, 2/3 deck / Approx. 590,000 km’s, 2017 Jackson 5 axle trailer, 35ft Total crate, Air susp and Disc brakes


2017 Freightliner Argosy Bulk Tipper Unit

DD15, Roadranger, Approx. 945,000 km’s, T&G Alloy bin, 6.7m with 1750mm sides, 2017 T&G 5 Axle trailer, 8.4m with 1800mm sides, ROR, Air and Disc


2017 Isuzu CYZ460 Dropsider

Approx. 369,000 km’s, Manual, Chipped to 530hp, Nicol dropsider body, 5.4m with 1m sides, Detroit locker, Comes with silage bin 5.4m with 2.1m sides


2017 Scania P400 4x4 Spreader

Welleans bin, Underfloor return chain, Twin spinner, Whitehead V3, Tracmap, CTI, approx.. 282,000 km’s, Brolube greasing system


2017 Scania P440 Tipper

Manual, 280,000 km’s, 5.3m CWS Steel Bathtub, Digger tie down points, Roll back Kiwi Tarp cover


2017 Scania R730 Tractor Unit

Auto, Very high spec unit, Approx. 910,000 km’s, 4200mm wheelbase, 60 ton GCM


2017 Volvo FH700 Tractor Unit

I-shift, 4700mm wheelbase, Air susp, DG Spec, approx.. 1.2m km’s, Tidy unit with good history


2018 DAF XF105 Stock Truck

510hp, Auto, Approx. 630,000 km’s, Jackson deck with Nationwide crate, Very high spec unit – AC unit, microwave, fridge


2018 Freightliner Coronado Tractor Unit

DD15, Auto, approx.. 610,000 km’s, 10,140kg tare, Isolating and sliding turntable, Sleeper cab


2018 International Dropsider Unit

Cummins, Roadranger, Approx. 416,000 km’s, 7.1m Long tipping deck with 1m sides, 2016 Kraft 5 Axle trailer, SAF Axles, Air susp, Disc brakes, 10.3m long, 8.7 tipping, Twin underbody rams...


2018 MAN TGX35.540 Tractor

Well looked after unit, 540hp, approx.. 1.2m km’s, 5175mm wheelbase, Auto trans, 68,000kg GCM


2018 Mitsubishi Canter Car Licence Tipper

Manual trans, 3m factory tipping body, 350mm sides, 3.5t tow bar, approx.. 120,000 km’s


2018 Scania P400 Spreader

DC9, Manual, Approx 165,989kms, Spring susp, Drum, Underfloor return, Single chain, Bigfoot CTI.


2018 Volvo FH700 Chilled Curtainsider

Auto, Approx. 1.2m km’s, 7.1m body, Thermoking dual zone, 2018 Roadmaster 5 axle trailer, 11.6m, Thermoking dual zone, Been on service contract


2018 Western Star 4864FX Logging Unit

DD15, 560hp, Roadranger, approx.. 373,000 km’s, Kraft gear, CTI & Scales, 2018 Kraft 4 axle, Hendrickson axles, Air suspension, Drum brakes


2019 Fuso FS 3147 Crane Truck

Approx. 220,000 km’s, Auto, 470hp, C&C Engineering built deck, 6.3m long, Hiab XS477 E-6 HIDUO crane, 11.1 T at 3m, 1780kg at 16m,Wireless remote


2019 Kenworth K200 Self Loader

Cummins, Roadranger, Approx. 572,000 km’s, Jonsered crane, Patchell gear, SiLodec scales, 2019 3 axle Patchell trailer, Hendrickson axles, Air and disc, Sort after unit available to go to work now


2019 Roadmaster 5 Axle Curtainsider

11.4m internal, mezz floor, Hendrickson axles, Tiremax, Air suspension, Disc brakes / Also second available, please enquire / SAMPLE PIC


2019 Scania P450 XT Cab Chassis

Cab Chassis only, Approx. 155,000 km’s, 3580mm wheelbase, Available with off road tyres or standard wheels


2020 Isuzu CYH530 Logger Unit

530hp, Roadranger, Evans gear, Approx. 250,000 km’s, 2011 Evans 4 axle trailer, ROR axles, Disc brakes, Spring susp


2020 Isuzu NPR350 Crew Cab

Auto, Approx. 66,000 km’s, 6500kg GVM, O’Leary Engineering tool box body, 3m, Diesel tank and pump, Steps built in to deck could be a good traffic truck


2020 Scania R620 9 Axle Logging Unit

Auto, 690,000 km’s, CTI & Scales, Complete with 2014 Patchell 5 Axle trailer, Hendrickson axles, Air susp and disc brakes


2021 Freighter Quad Flat Deck

15.66m long, rear extends 800mm, Headboard folds down, BPW axles, Air suspension, Disc brakes, Low milage would suit new buyer


2022 Kenworth T659 9 Axle Unit

Cummins, Roadranger, Approx. 47,000 km’s, Kraft log gear, Complete with 2016 Kraft 5 axle, Hendrickson axles, Air and Disc. Also 2018 Unit available, please enquire

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